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IHGF Fair, Delhi

From inspiration to creation: Niksa Homes at the IHGF Fair (2021)

One of the biggest trade shows in the handicrafts and gifts sector, the IHGF (India Handicrafts & Gifts Fair) Fair draws many exhibitors from India and around the world. The event offers a unique platform for exhibitors to present their most recent products and make connections with potential customers, with a focus on quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Many buyers and sellers often visit the event, creating chances for interaction and company growth. The Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts (EPCH), a prestigious organisation in India that strives to promote the nation’s handicraft industry abroad, organised the 2021 IHGF Fair.

Leading architects and interior designers gave Niksa Homes’ participation in the 2021 IHGF Autumn Fair a high recommendation for their expertly produced artefacts. Since then, the designs have been widely applied in industrial and residential applications, showcasing the brand’s adaptability and design know-how. Niksa Homes had a fascinating chance to interact with potential clients and customers and gain insight from competitor brands and other professionals in the sector at the IHGF Fair.



Niksa Homes was able to showcase their ideas, learn from other exhibitors, and stay on top of the most recent trends and advancements in the market. Niksa Homes was able to witness a variety of goods and ideas because so many other firms were taking part in the event, which inspired them to create new things and helped them keep on top of trends. Niksa Homes had a platform to develop their brand and interact with potential clients at the IHGF Autumn Fair, allowing them to expand its company and reach a wider audience.

Truly an enriching experience.

Overall, the 2021 IHGF Autumn Fair provided Niksa Homes with a significant chance to present its designs, establish its brand, learn from others in the field, and keep up with the most recent trends and advances. Niksa Homes continues to set the standard for the industry with an emphasis on quality and client happiness, and we believe, taking part in affairs like the IHGF Autumn Fair is crucial to comprehend our customers’ individuality.


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