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Welcome to Niksa Homes, your one-stop shop for anything related to fragrance candles! Are you looking for the ideal accent to raise the ambience of your living space or a kind present for a loved one? Look no further; you’ll be mesmerised by our selection of aromatic candles. Explore the magical world of scented candles while indulging your senses in exquisite scents. At Niksa Homes, we consider candles to be works of art rather than merely light sources.

Buy Scented Candles Online - A Gift for All Occasions

Niksa Homes' scented candles are the perfect present for any occasion.  Whether it's a birthday party, anniversary, or a festive gathering,  these candles never fail to please. Our scented candles come in different shapes, sizes and fragrances. The captivating notes of our candles brighten the occasion and create lasting memories. Whether you're presenting a scented candle from Niksa Homes to a friend, member of your family, or a coworker, it will be apparent that you took the time to select a thoughtful and personal gift.

Explore The Wide Range Of Delightful Candles At Niksa 

Whether planning a romantic day or wanting to unwind your body after a long working day, Niksa’s specially curated candles can satisfy your every need.

Jar Candle

Niksa’s jar candles are made of high-quality soya and paraffin wax and poured into high-quality glass jars to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the candle. The candle wick is made with 100% cotton for smooth burning without any dark, harmful smoke.  We offer multiple options of fragrances with bright and distinctive colours.  All our aromas are extracted from natural essence oils, giving you the best olfactory experience. These candles create a cosy and relaxing atmosphere in your home and can also benefit your meditation. 

Bubble candles 

We have a range of decorative bubble candles to beautify your home decor and the aesthetics of every room. These meticulously curated bubble candles can be used for house gatherings, meetings, and festivals such as Christmas,  Diwali, and other regional festivals. You can also place them on your dining table to make your dinner time more enjoyable with your loved ones.   

Orange Spice Candle

The orange spice bubble candle has been handcrafted with high-quality paraffin wax and essence of orange spice, giving a refreshing air.   

Musk Candle 

The Bubble Musk candle is a sensory delight and an eco-friendly choice. The candle is carefully hand-poured into a sleek glass jar, ensuring a clean and even burn. The minimalistic design of the container complements any decor, making it an elegant addition to your home or workspace.

Our candles are made with meticulous care and attention to detail. To give an aromatic experience, we use top-quality natural essence oils worldwide. Our candles have a clean, long burning time as they are made with premium materials. We are dedicated to perfection and provide the best fragrance candles that add a touch of sophistication to your living.
Choosing the perfect scent is a personal and intimate experience. It allows you to explore the myriad of emotions and memories tied to specific fragrances. If you find solace in tranquillity and relaxation, a lavender-scented candle can be your ideal companion. On the other hand, if you seek a burst of energy and revitalisation, brighten your senses with the invigorating blend of fresh mint and artemis jar candle, a fusion that can awaken your spirit and recharge your soul.
Yes, sustainability and environmental friendliness are important to us. Natural essence oils are used to make our aromatic candles. As much as feasible, we also use recyclable packing materials to lessen our influence on the environment. By selecting fragrant candles from Niksa Homes, you treat yourself to luxury and promote eco-friendly behaviours.
Our scented candles make thoughtful and enjoyable presents for a variety of events. Our candles are a mark of style and refinement, no matter the occasion—a birthday, an anniversary, a housewarming, or a joyful gathering. Thanks to various alluring scents and lovely packaging options, you may choose the ideal present to easily delight your loved ones.
You can beautify your house using candles by strategically placing them in different locations. Use your open shelves to showcase the bubble and pillar candle candles. Add them to your dining table to create a more pleasing environment.