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Set Of 4 Jali Style Diyas

In a world filled with modern lighting solutions, there’s an enduring charm in traditional forms of illumination. Niksa Homes’ Set Of 4 Jali Style Diya represents this timeless elegance. These diyas are a piece of artistry that not only lights up your space but also evokes a sense of heritage and cultural richness. This diya is crafted from two distinct yet harmonious metals- copper and brass, creating a synergy of strength and beauty. What sets these diyas apart is their handcrafted design, where our talented Indian artisans have put their knowledge and creativity into every detail.

The Jali Style Diya is not just a single shade but a masterpiece of multicoloured brilliance. Each diya is carefully hand-painted, using vibrant colours that reflect the richness of Indian culture. These Copper Brass diyas add a touch of magic to your space, which makes it ideal for special occasions, celebrations, or to infuse your surroundings with a sense of wonder.

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